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held on Monday 11th May 2009 in the Parish Hall

commencing at 8.00 p.m.


PRESENT.  Mr. A. Longdon (Chairman of the meeting), Mr P. Horsfall, Mr. R. Crawford, Mr. P. Preece, Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. K. Walton and Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk to Parish Council)

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton  (ex District Councillor) and 4 Parishioners.


  1. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. P. Kirton and Mrs M. Lee.
  2. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL METING 2008.  These were read by the Clerk, approved and signed.  (Proposed by Mr. K. Walton and seconded by Mr. P. Horsfall)
  4. It was pleasing to note that the implementation of the speed limit through Kinlet has finally been carried out with speed checks now being undertaken by West Mercia Police.
  5. ANNUAL REPORT 2008/2009.

Everyone present had received a copy of the Report which was not read out.   This outlined the activities and achievements of the Parish Council during the year.

  2. Woman’s Institute.  Mrs. Lee’s report advised that whilst the target membership of 20 had not been met, the number of members remained constant with an average of 14 ladies attending each month.   There had been various speakers during the year  and a dinner would take place in the Parish Hall on the 20th May to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the WI in Kinlet.
  3. Parish Hall.  Mr.  Haywood had reported 10 fund raising events during the year which had raised £1,143.00.   There was a core of 35/40 people who came to all the events and an extra 10 would make all the difference.  A new carpet had been provided and also a light in the car park.  Whilst hire had raised £7.00 less than last year, the hall had made a small profit of £540.  For the future, they were looking at replacing the doors on the road side and maybe considering installing central heating.
  4. Kinlet School.  Mr. Engleheart reported on a successful year with everyone in good heart.    The staffing changes had integrated well.   They were not resting on their laurels however and were taking the initiative with other local schools for 1 year funding allocation.   The partnership with the Playgroup had strengthened and this could only benefit the school.
  5. Kinlet Playgroup.  Mrs. N Smith reported on a year to be proud of with hard work on the part of the staff, committee and parents.   Several fundraising events had been held and they had managed to purchase a Gazebo for the outdoor area, Storage Units, Hoover, Woodchip and Dressing Up clothes.

They had received 2 grants and would be able to buy more outdoor resources.  There was now an option for children to join a lunch club instead of having a packed lunch.  There was a new website which kept everyone up to date with happenings and training courses had been taken by the staff during the year.   Whilst there had been a loss of  7 children with the transition up to school in Sept/Jan, there would be 4/5 new pupils starting later in the year which was good news.

  1. Kinlet Plan/Countryside Group. Mr. Engleheart reported that the progress of the Plan for this year would be considered with the Parish Council later in the year.  The Countryside Group had 10 active members and had been busy installing stiles, gates, clearing footpaths and waymarking.   They held monthly work parties and had produced 3 guided walks around the parish.

6 Parish Watch.   Mr Thomas advised that whilst the crime rate was low in our Parish, the scheme provided a vital service.   New signs were in the course of being erected and a monthly E Mail was now received from Bridgnorth Neighbourhood Watch.  However, some new co-ordinators would be needed soon.


Mrs. Shineton reported on her year in office and advised that the especially destructive flooding problems at the bottom of Button Bridge Lane were programmed for rectification work this month.  She also spoke about the new Shropshire Council, the Local Joint Committees which were legally constituted and would have the power to require any of the service providers to come to the meetings, answer questions and listen to ideas that the electorate may wish to put forward and finally the Southern Partnership which consisted of the whole of the old Bridgnorth District and South Shropshire District Councils and whose work would be strategic guidance for the area and feeding into the County Partnership.


The question of the Trans 45 Cycle Route to Dowles Brook was raised which at present was not in a useable condition.    Photographs would be supplied to the Clerk who would then take the matter up with Shropshire Council.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming along and expressed special thanks to Mrs. Shineton who had served the local community in her capacity as District Councillor for 10 years until the demise of the District Council in April this year.

There being no further business the meeting closed at approximately 9.15 p.m.

(NOTE- These Minutes have yet to be formally approved).