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held on Monday 9th May 2011 in the Parish Hall

commencing at 8.05 p.m.



PRESENT.  Mr. D. Haywood (Chairman), Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. P. Kirton, Mrs. M. Wilkinson,  Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. A. Longdon, Mr. P. Preece, Mr. R. Crawford and Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk)

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton (from 8.20 p.m.) and 1 Parishioner (from 8.40 p.m.)

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. K. Walton,  Mr. G. Butler and Mr. M. Cartledge.
  2. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 2010. These were read by the Clerk, approved and signed.  (Proposed by Mr. P. Kirton and seconded by Mr. A. Longdon.)
  3. MATTERS ARISING. There were no matters arising.
  4. ANNUAL REPORT 2010/2011.   Everyone present had received a copy of the Report which was not read out.   This outlined the activities and achievements of the Parish Council during the year.

There were no representatives from the Women’s Institute, Kinlet Playgroup or  Parish Watch and no reports had been made available.

  1. Parish Hall. Mr. Haywood spoke about another busy year with many interesting events taking place which had resulted in a small bank balance in hand.   Problems had been experienced in relation to the entrance to the car park which had been churned up by the re-cycling lorries and suffered frost damage.   As no contribution for the necessary repairs to the driveway would be forthcoming from the re-cycling contractors, the present arrangements for the siting of these facilities would need to be considered.   Mr. Haywood confirmed that any grant facilities available to Parish Halls would be pursued.

2   School.  Mr .Engleheart reported on the ongoing County’s Schools review and Hopton Wafers School was proposed for closure with federation models being worked up for Kinlet, Farlow and Stottesdon schools.   No change was not an option.  Whilst this could prove a solution to current problems, long term plans would also need to be investigated.

  1. Kinlet Parish Plan.  The 5 year update for the Plan had now reached its final stage and Mr. Engleheart advised that it was anticipated that it would be available for the first consultation at the Button Oak Fete in the summer.   It would not be feasible to print it in the form as previously due to the costs involved but a suitable presentation was being investigated.
  2. The Countryside Group. Activity during the year had been well attended with work to footpaths and stiles carried out by a group of volunteers.   There would be another Food and Ale Trail in May this year and it was hoped that this would be as successful as the previous ones.  It was planned to produce further walk leaflets during the year.
  3. Local Joint Committee. Mr. Haywood reported that this committee consisted of representatives from 10 local Parish Councils which met 3 or 4 times a year with the same number of preparation meetings.  Mrs. M. Shineton was the chairman with the yearly vice chairman’s position alternating amongst the parishes.   Funding had been cut in half this year to £18,000 and a total of £24,000 would be available for distribution this year to various approved schemes.

Mrs. Shineton reported that the County Council had to find savings during the financial year 2010/2011 of £36+ million.  There had been a deletion of 30 senior posts providing a saving of over £2m a year.   Another 50 posts had been identified for deletion which would give savings of £4m this year.  The objective was to reduce overall management costs by 20%.   This current year- 2011/12 – further savings of £32.3m were needed and in 2012/13 £20.25m.   There was a staff pay freeze for 2 years from 2011.

She also advised about the pre-application advice which was available for planning matters.  Government had given Shropshire £3.6m extra for highway repairs and the Area Director was reviewing maintenance plans at the present time.  Other matters mentioned covered transport strategy, traffic management, library services, the Local Enterprise Partnership and feed in tariffs.

Mr. Butler had sent a report which advised that his role within cabinet was now Community Engagement and Governance, Voluntary and Community sector, taking in member development, locally working with Town and Parish Councils and Big Society. There would be no council tax increases this year or for the next two years and councillors allowances had been reduced by 5% and mileage rate cut by over a third.   The New Core strategy was in place with Parish Councils to have far more say on the development or not of their area.   A community infrastructure levy was proposed which would mean if development was forthcoming, funds would be ring fenced for communities for infrastructure development.   There was a rural challenge programme in place where the council was offering grants from £7,500-£40,000 to encourage economic development within rural communities e.g. sole business aid, starter units for business etc.

  1. CLOSING REMARKS.   Mr. Haywood expressed thanks to Mrs. Shineton and

Mr. Butler for their interest and assistance during the year.   He also thanked the Vice Chairman, Mr. A. Longdon, for dealing with council business when he was away and to the Clerk for her hard work for the council and in obtaining her Certificate in Local Council Administration.

He  was disappointed that more Parishioners had not been able to attend and hoped that there would be more interest next year.   The meeting closed at approximately 9.00 p.m.