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held on Monday 14th May 2012 in the Parish Hall

commencing at 8.00p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr. A. Longdon (Chairman), Mr. D. Haywood, Mrs M. Wilkinson, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. P. Kirton, Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. K. Walton, Mr. P. Preece and Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton , Mr. G. Butler and 2 Parishioners.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. R. Crawford and Mr. M. Cartledge.

These were read by the Clerk approved and signed. (Proposed by Mr. D. Dixon and seconded by Mr. K. Walton).

  1. MATTERS ARISING. There were no matters arising.
  2. ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012.  This was read by the Clerk and outlined the activities and notable achievements of the Parish Council during the year.

There was no representative present from the Playgroup and no report had been made available.

  1. Parish Hall. Mr. Haywood advised of upgrading to the hall during the year by way of replacement windows, kitchen door, guttering and facia boards and new curtains.  The Hall had also been painted by volunteers. All this work had cost approx. £6,600 with a grant of £2,000 from the Co-Op and £1,000 Parish Council helping towards these costs.  The committee had had a busy year arranging quizzes, skittles games, dances talks and a sell out ÔElvisÕ evening.
  2. Local Joint Committee. Over the past year the Committee had given over £100,000 to local projects of which £5,000 had come into Kinlet.   The first budget had been £34,000 which had been reduced to £20,000 for this year and it was felt that this would decrease further in future.
  3.  WomenÕs Institute. Mrs. R. Smith reported on a successful year with interesting events and speakers having been enjoyed   There were 18 members with an average attendance of 13 members and the improvements to the Parish Hall had been appreciated making it more comfortable.
  4. School. Mr. Engleheart reported on a successful year with the good news that in September the school would be at capacity with 56 children, although only 6 of these would come from Kinlet Parish.   The aim of the school remained very much pro-active and they looked to the future with optimism in relation to any changes which may come about as a result of discussions to federate Farlow and Kinlet School to enable both sites to continue to the benefit of the children.
  5. Kinlet Parish Plan. The update of the Plan was nearing its conclusion with consultations having taken place during the past months in relations to this matter. Mr. Engleheart would be having final meetings with the Parish Council to formulate the final update.




  1. Countryside Group. It was reported that during the year 7/8 regular volunteers had come along to the working parties with the focus being on the most important  routes.  There had been another successful Food and Ale trial and 3 new walk leaflets had been produced.
  2. Neighbourhood Watch. Mr. CrawfordÕs report advised that Mr. Thomas wished to relinquish his position of main co-ordinator, although he was happy to remain as a co-ordinator for his area.   The appointment of a new main Co-ordinator was, therefore, necessary and also certain areas within the parish needed co-ordinators.  There was also a need to ensure that all the relevant information was being received from the police.  The Parish Council would be reviewing this important matter at their next meeting.

Mrs. Shineton  reported on Health matters relating to the future provision of primary health care, shortage of consultants in some areas resulting in both Princess Royal and The Royal Shrewsbury undergoing an extensive reorganisation of their services, the Ambulance Service and the upgrading of Bridgnorth Hospital, a new Hospital and Medical Centre in Ludlow and a new purpose built centre for Cleobury Mortimer Practice within the next 2 years.

Shropshire CouncilÕs finances were continually monitored as they strove to make the necessary reductions in funding required by government.   The Council had identified total savings of £19.848m for 2012/13.

The way Shropshire Council worked with Town and Parish Councils was currently being discussed and everyone needing to work together for the benefit of the electorate.

Mr. G. Butler reported on the Regeneration programme and the Rural Challenge Fund which had brought substantial funding into the ward.  The important  Community Infrastructure Levy had now commenced and communities were in control as to whether they obtained investment or not.

There had been no increase in council tax for the past 3 years and no increase projected for next year.   The council had delivered a balanced budget for the end of this financial year and had achieved a collection rate of council tax and NNDR of 98.1%   Unemployment in Shropshire had dropped 3% to date.

Economic development was seen as a key priority to enable us to climb out of recession and the current austerity measures, with local job creation being paramount in view of  the increasing cost of oil and transport.

Broadband was a key factor to our future sustainability and the need to have faster access in our area. is paramount.  Shropshire Council has received £8.2 million towards the process.

  1. KINLET PLAN CONSULTATIONS/COMMENTS. No additional comments were received in relation to this matter.
  2. ANY OTHER BUSINESS. There was no other business.
  3. CHAIRMANÕS CLOSING REMARKS. The Chairman thanked the retiring chairman – Mr. D. Haywood – for his hard work on behalf of the council and felt that he would be a Ôhard act to followÕ.   He also thanked Mrs. M. Shineton and Mr. G. Butler for their support and the Clerk for her hard work.  The meeting closed at approximately 9.00 p.m.

(NOTE.  These Minutes have yet to be formally approved)