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held on Monday 12th May 2014 in the Parish Hall

commencing at 8.00p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr. A. Longdon (Chairman), Mr. D. Haywood, Mrs M. Wilkinson, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. P. Kirton, Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. K. Walton, Mrs J. Barnes and Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton  and 3 Parishioners.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. R. Crawford, Mrs. R. Smith, Mrs. Z. Pearson and Mr. G. Butler.

These were read by the Clerk approved and signed. (Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood and seconded by Mr. P. Kirton).

  1. MATTERS ARISING. There were no matters arising.
  2. ANNUAL REPORT 2013/2014.  This was read by the Clerk and outlined the activities and notable achievements of the Parish Council during the year.
  4. Parish Hall. Mr. Haywood reported that the hall had continued to make headway with more bookings than ever due in part to the installation of the central heating and of course to the much improved car park which is still ongoing.   As part of future improvements  the kitchen, passageway and toilets are due to be painted and a porch will be erected over the main door.  On behalf of the Village Hall Committee he thanked the Parish Council for all their support over the past years which had helped to keep the Hall at the heart of the village.
  5. Local Joint Committee. This committee was now void of funds and would no longer be receiving funding from Shropshire Council.   However, they would still be meeting 3 times a year to voice any matters.   Since its foundation 5 years ago Cleobury and Rural Joint Committee had spent just under £100,000 of which around £6,500 had come into Kinlet.
  6. WomenÕs Institute.  The W.I. SecretaryÕs Report was read by the clerk and reported on some of their various speakers which ranged from the working of Kemp Hospice, Crime Prevention, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Tudor gardens and herbs to how the Nightingale Nurses operate to mention just a few.   They had also enjoyed a Ôpudding eveningÕ with contributions from members.   Sadly 2 long standing members had died during the year and the   membership now stood at 17 with an average monthly attendance of 14.    They had joined the Severn Group of W.I.Õs and enjoyed a number of visits to other W.I.Õs in the group.
  7. School. There was no report available on behalf of the School.
  8. Playgroup. In the report from the Playgroup read by the clerk, they reported another 6 children would be leaving to go on to School in September which will leave only 10 children on the register in Sept. 2014.   However, Toddlers group on Thursday mornings was well attended so it is hoped more children would come into the Playgroup at 2 years of age.   No financial help was received from Shropshire Council and expenses were covered by fund raising kind donations and children numbers.  The activities had been many and varied and included a Christmas Party and a Summer party.  The Parish Council were thanked for their support the years which was very much appreciated by all connected with the Playgroup
  9. Countryside Group. Mr. M. Cartledge reported that the Group was now in their sixth year and continued to make a worthwhile contribution to the maintenance of Parish footpaths.   They had 12 members, shortly to become 13 and a half.   More than 175 hours of work had been recorded during the year, averaging more than 10 person hours per session.   By using free issue tools and materials from Shropshire Council, the group represented a considerable saving in labour costs.

They had rescued and reinstalled the footbridge across the stream between Winnal and The Birch on FP13 for the second time which saved a total replacement at perhaps a cost of  £1,000 or more.   They awaited delivery of a length of chain to secure the bridge to a nearby tree so that it could not float downstream a third time when the stream floods.   Other achievements included fitting footboards to stiles, improving stiles in some locations and replacing finger posts and reinstalling waymarks.

Their expenses continued to average just over £5.00 per month and they had a balance of funds in the bank of £438.27.

  1. Kinlet Parish Neighbourhood Watch. Mr. CrawfordÕs report was read by the clerk and it confirmed that Kinlet Parish continued to be a low crime area and the KPNW was now at full strength regarding co-ordinators who met regularly.  During the year the Kinlet Newsletter had published awareness announcements and also a number of awareness posters had been placed in bus shelters.

Alert updates continued to be received from the police and anyone wishing to receive these could  do so by emailing and leaving their name and email address.   The Parish Council were thanked for their help and input over the year and Mr. Crawford expressed the hope that we could all look forward to another low crime year.

  1. Bridge Club.  Mr. Haywood reported that the Bridge Club had been running since March last year and met every other Monday, including Bank Holidays.   The club had had as few as 12 and as many as 20 players at a session, each paying £1.50 to play all afternoon including tea and biscuits in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.   There was plenty of room for more players and new members would always be made welcome – whatever their level of play.



Mrs. M. Shineton advised that the CouncilÕs finances were continually monitored as they strove to make the necessary reductions in funding required by government.

The schoolsÕ re-organisation was continuing and locally and Farlow and Kinlet School had federated to enable both sites to continue and to enhance the teaching skills for the benefit of the children with Cleobury Primary investigating what was best for the future of the school and Lacon Childe hoping to become an Academy in the Autumn.

Housing owned by Shropshire Council continued to be upgraded and they have been transferred to an Arms Length Management Organisation called STAR.

Employment opportunities in the area were increasing and it was a real pleasure to see so many small businesses growing and exporting.   There were still some small capital Grants available – please contact Cllrs. Butler or Shineton.

The shortage of Consultants in some areas had resulted in both the Princess Royal and Royal Shrewsbury undergoing an extensive re-organisation of the services they can provide.   The new women and ChildrenÕs unit was nearly complete at the Princess Royal and the temporary merging of the two Stroke Units has proved unexpectedly very successful with some very good results for patients and may well become permanent.

Mr. G. Butler advised that following the elections last May he had maintained his position in cabinet taking up the portfolio for Culture, Libraries and Leisure including Local Joint Committees and looking to locality commissioning as the council redesigned itself.

As Shirehall reduced its level of service, it would be up to local communities to decide what services they still required and precepts may have to be increased to deliver required outcomes.     The council would be reducing its asset base, which was a drain on costs, with Westgate in Bridgnorth and Stone House in Ludlow being sold.

He asked that people bore with them whilst they went through these changes as some things may take a little longer than usual as new systems and ways of working bed in.   The future did hold lots of opportunities but would be the biggest change in local government ever and more opportunities for individuals and communities to take charge of their own destinies.

He expressed thanks for the support over the past 12 months and would strive to continue to be a strong voice for the area in Shirehall.

  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS. There was no other business.
  2. CHAIRMANÕS CLOSING REMARKS. Mr. Longdon thanked everyone for attending and for the continued support of our County Councillors.   He also expressed thanks to the Clerk for her hard work over the past year.  The meeting closed at approximately 8.35 p.m.