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 COMMENCING AT 7.30 p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr D. Dixon, Mr P. Kirton, Mr D Haywood, Mr P. Horsfall, Mr C. Lloyd, Mrs J. Rowley, Mrs J. Barnes, Mrs M. Wilkinson  and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton (until 9.40 p.m.)

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. There was 1 parishioner present and discussion took place relating to the results of the further figures received from Shropshire Council in respect of the recent average speed check at Button Oak. All parties agreed that this matter had been extremely protracted and that it was now necessary to agree on a solution so that the matter could be urgently progressed.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. G. Butler.

Mr. P. Kirton declared a pecuniary interest in Item 6.3 left the room when the matter was discussed and took no part in the voting.

Mr P. Horsfall, Mr D. Haywood and Mr. C. Lloyd declared personal interests in the same item – 6.3

  1. MINUTES OF THE JULY MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mr D. Haywood and seconded by Mrs J. Barnes.
  4. Furness Mill. Shropshire Council were in discussion with Worcestershire County Council re work on their side of the bridge.
  5. Sturt Lane This pothole had now been repaired.
  6. Signs at Catsley Corner. Mrs. Shineton had been unable to obtain any information re these signs, other than they were in Ôa shedÕ somewhere awaiting erection. In view of the length of time this matter had been outstanding and the current unsatisfactory situation it was agreed to write to the Chief Executive expressing our dissatisfaction.
  7. Overgrown conifers B.4194.  Matter to be dealt with in the Autumn.
  8. VAS Sign at Button Oak. Shropshire Council had inspected and reported that the sign was working satisfactorily.
  9. Button Oak Average Speed Check. Further detailed figures were circulated and considered together with the results of the recent questionnaire and it was proposed by Mr P. Horsfall, seconded by Mrs J. Barnes and unanimously agreed by all that Shropshire Council be asked to take steps to raise the limit to 40 mph on the understanding that at this level speed enforcement checks would be carried out by the Police/Safety Road Partnership.  It would also be requested that Ôspeed cameraÕ signs be installed along this area.
  10. Covered Water Meter in Meaton Lane. Mr Haywood would check that this work had been carried out and let Mrs. Shineton know if it had not.
  11. Damage to Button Bridge Bus Shelter.  A price was awaited from Tim Preece for the small repair needed here as a result of Western PowerÕs accident to whom the invoice would be sent.   The clerk was given permission to authorise the repair when a price was to hand and it was suggested that when the repair was complete Shropshire Council would be asked to put reflectors on the bus shelter (s)
  12. Weed Spraying in Goosemoor Close. Mrs.Shineton was advised of this work being carried out from the open window of the spraying vehicle which seemed unsatisfactory.
  13. Highways Repairs Review. Mrs. Shineton advised that this had now taken place and the contract with Ringway had been Ôre-jiggedÕ and there was a new manager in place.
  14. Concerns re Speeding through Kinlet.  The points raised by a parishioner were considered and whilst spasmodic speed checks did appear to have been made, it would be requested that these be increased with a view to deterring speeding.
  15. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS.  There were no updates to be advised.
  16. SCHOOL PARKING MATTERS.   Members would acquaint themselves with the situation here and at the Ôhand-overÕ site when the Autumn term commenced.
  17. POSSIBLE ADOPTION OF A TELEPHONE BOX FOR HOUSING A DEFIBRILLATOR. Not everyone had had opportunity to read the information relating to this matter and this was being re-circulated during the month.
  18. VACANCY ON THE PARISH COUNCIL UPDATE. As no election had been requested by 10 electors, permission had been received to co-opt a further member to the Council and this was proceeding.
  19. LOCAL AWARD SCHEME MEETING. It was agreed to accept SALCÕs offer to come along prior to a Parish Council meeting to talk the council about the benefits and requirements for further registration. The Clerk would make the necessary arrangements.
  20. DIAMOND BUS COMPANY – TRAFFIC COMMISSIONÕS DECISION. Mr. Haywood reported on the recent L.J.C. meeting when representatives from the company attended and answered questions re their operations.  Mrs. Shineton had also spoken to the Operations Director of their Parent Company to emphasise the complaints and he would be responding to these during the forthcoming weeks.   No query at present to the Traffic Commission.
  21.         CORRESPONDENCE.
  22. E.mail from R. Crawford re vacancy
  23. Planning Approval for application 15/00126/FUL for Mr A. Wilkinson for erection of extension to existing warehouse at The Cottage, Button Oak.
  24. Register of Electors alterations.
  25. W. Mercia Police and  Crime Commissioner Survey was completed.


Circulated During Month –  P.C.C. Newsletter/High Court Judgment – Affordable Housing/

Public Health In Year Funding Cuts Consultation.

Circulated with Agenda.  Further clarification re Pecuniary Interests when the Parish Councillor was the applicant/Email from parishioner re speeding through Kinlet.

To Be Circulated.   CPRE Countryside Voice and Fieldwork – Summer 2015 plus box from last month.

  2. 15/02133/FUL for Mr. and Mrs. W. Bache for erection of one affordable dwelling, creation    of vehicular access and installation of sewage treatment plant at Gibbons Well, Button Bridge Lane, Button Bridge.  Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes, seconded by Mr. D. Haywood and      unanimously agreed to recommend approval.
  3. 15/02426/FUL for Mr. P. Moult re installation of french windows to front and rear elevations

and erection of fence and gate at Courtyard Cottage, Winnal Court, Kinlet. Proposed by Mrs.J.

Barnes, seconded by Mr. C., Lloyd and unanimously agreed to recommend approval.

  1. 15/02697/FUL for Mr .P. Kirton for erection of 2 storey extension and lean to extension at

Fastings Farm, Button Bridge Lane, Button Bridge.  Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes, seconded by

Mr. P. Horsfall and unanimously agreed to recommend approval.

  1. COUNTY COUNCILLORSÕ REPORTS. Mrs. M. Shineton reported on all the consultations re Future Fit now being Ôpulled togetherÕ and the shafts at Kinlet Pit being fenced off.

It was agreed to make the following payments:- 1. Mrs. J. Burgess – £240.00 (salary – cheque no. 001306).  2, Mrs. J. Burgess – £10.40 (travelling expenses – cheque no. 001307).  3. Mrs. J. Burgess – £157.28 (yearly contribution towards telephone, broadband and phone calls costs – cheque no. 00130).  4. Kinlet village Hall – £72.00 (hall hire – cheque no. 001309.)

  2. Planning permission requirement for The Cabin, Village Hall car park.
  3. Addition to Standing Order re time limit for Parishioners Participation Time
  4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday 14th September  in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately 9.55 p.m.