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 COMMENCING AT 7.30 p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. C. Lloyd, Mr. P. Kirton, Mr. C. Lloyd, Mr. K. Walton, Mrs. J. Barnes, Mrs. M. Wilkinson and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. There were no members of the public present.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mrs. M. Shineton.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. None were declared.
  4. MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS ON THE 9TH & 23rd MARCH  were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood and seconded by Mrs. J. Barnes.
  7. Furness Mill. Mr. Butler and Mrs. Shineton taking this matter up and no update had been received.  The current situation was causing loss of business for The Fisheries. There was also the question of contact with Worcestershire County Council re the road on their side of the bridge. This would be chased.
  8. Meaton Lane and Hall Farm.  Dates for work here still to be advised.

c..        Sturt Lane.   Shropshire Council  had advised that any dangerous defects outside Spring Meadow and Winwoods would be repaired.  Date for further work along this lane awaited.

  1. Footpath near Old Colliery. Anticipated that work here would be undertaken within the nest 2/3 weeks.
  2. Crumpsend Farm Splay. Work had now commenced here.
  3. B.4363 Park Close to junction with B.4555. Funding for patching works in the new financial year had been allocated, areas marked up and job being progressed through Shropshire CouncilÕs system.
  4. Catsley Corner Signs. Still no delivery dates advised. Extremely unsatisfactory situation and further chase update was being chased.
  5. Hedge Trimming. Work now undertaken.
  6. Kingswood Lane Flooding.   This was an ongoing matter which  Mrs. Shineton were dealing with.

j..         Overgrown Conifers B.4194.  Mrs. Barnes to provide photographs for Mrs. Shineton.

  1. Issue with drainage on bend between Sturt Lane and Catsley Corner.  Shropshire Council confirmed they were looking to instruct contractors to carry out repairs along this stretch.  No dates available yet.
  2. Road Closure B.4194 in March. Despite being extensively advertised locally the road did not appear to have been closed but considerable inconvenience had been caused with many people taking the 18 mile diversion – in particular a funeral procession, doctors, district nurses

and local residents who had cancelled engagements anticipating problems travelling along this road.  Letter would be sent to Shropshire Council asking for their comments.








  1. Button Oak Speeding. The questionnaires to all residents were now ready to be posted once the addressed labels arrived from Shropshire Council.  Notices would be posted around the area later in the month reminding a return date of the 1st June.  Thanks were expressed to Mrs. Barnes for her efforts in this respect.

Letter from Mrs. J. Rowley with comments re the Consultation Meeting with Shropshire Council, the Police, Safer Roads Partnership and Mouchel in March was read and comments noted.

New Problems.   1. V.A.S in Button Oak problems had been reported.  2. Pothole opposite Gibbons Well would be reported.

  1. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS.  No updates had been received.
  2. SCHOOL PARKING ISSUES.  This matter was discussed again and a copy of the e.mail received from Ms. K. Williams on this subject had been circulated.  It was agreed that an important aspect of the problem was the provision of either yellow zigzags lines outside the school entrance or a disabled bay and possibly drop off parking in the school grounds provided.  It was agreed that this was a matter which the school should be addressing and the subject would be referred to the Chairman of Governors.
  4. Shropshire Council Register of Electors alterations.
  5. SALC Training Courses – details to all councillors.  The question of the 5.30 p.m. start to most of the meetings at venues over an hour travelling distance away would be raised at the next Area Committee meeting by Mr. Dixon.
  6. Mrs. Shineton re vacancies on the Kinlet S.R.H.A. site for a Loadall/Labourer.

Circulated by E.Mail during the month

  1.         Health and Wellbeing Community Engagement details.
  2. Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust Newsletter.

Circulated with Agenda.

  1. Risk Assessment.
  2. Budget 1/1/2015 to 31/3/2015
  3. Letter from Ms. K. Williams re school parking issues.
  4. Design, Access and Planning Statement for application 15/01181/FUL.
  6. Application no.15/01181/FUL for Mrs. Denise Childe re formation of a new vehicular access on land at Kinlet Estate off B.4363 Billingsley was discussed and it was agreed (with one abstention) to recommend refusal on the grounds that the siting of the new access was considered unsafe.  There was speeding traffic overtaking on the bend at this point with a steep approach.  It was felt that the original access was far safer.  Proposed by Mr. P. Horsfall and seconded by Mr. C. Lloyd.

7          APPROVAL OF UPDATED RISK ASSESSMENT.   Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood, seconded by Mrs. J. Barnes and unanimously agreed that this be approved as circulated.











  1. APPROVAL OF BUDGET REPORT 1/1/2015 to 31/3/2015  Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood, seconded by Mr. P. Horsfall and unanimously agreed by all that this be approved as circulated together with the overspend on  Stationary of £251.00 due to the Welcome Pack reprinting and Computer Expenses of £105.00 due to new mouse and keyboard supply and connection.
  2. PROBLEMS WITH LOCKED SCHOOL NOTICE BOARD. Mrs. Wilkinson reported problems putting up our notices on the notice board outside the school as  no key was available and the lock appeared to be jammed.   It was necessary for her to deliver the notices during school hours, which was not convenient, and then these were put up on the outside of the school building.  It was not sure whether the notice board belonged to the Parish Council and Mr. Haywood would investigate.
  3. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH CURRENT POSITION.  As a report was due from Mr. Crawford at the Annual Parish Meeting next month, hopefully an update would be provided then.
  4. BUTTON OAK SURGERIES. It was agreed by all that for the present time no surgery would be held at the Button Oak Public House
  5. APPOINTMENT OF S.R.H.A. REPRESENTATIVE. Mr. D. Haywood agreed to undertake representing the Parish Council on the Housing Association Committee for the new houses.  Mr. B. Powell had retired as Chief Executive and Mr. Ian Richardson was his successor as Chief Executive of the H.A.
  6. COUNTY COUNCILLORSÕ REPORTS.  No reports were available as neither Mrs. Shineton nor Mr. Butler were present at the meeting.
  7. PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS TO HAND.   It was agreed to make the following payments – proposed by Mr. D. Dixon, seconded by Mr. D. Haywood and agreed by all:-
  8. Information Commissioner – £35.00. (registration/cheque no. 001280).   2.  Mrs. J. Burgess – £27.30. (re-imbursement for payment to Shropshire Council for printing of labels/cheque no. 001281).   3.  Mrs. J. Burgess – £345.60 (re-imbursement for stamps for questionnaires and s.a.e./cheque no. 001282).   4. Mrs. J. Burgess – £257.00 (salary including £17.00 non-consolidated payment of £17.00 recommended by NALC/cheque no. 001283)  5. Mrs. J. Burgess – £20.80 (travelling expenses/cheque no. 001284).   6. Rotary Printers – £110.00 (Welcome Pack reprints/cheque no. 001285).  7. S.A.L.C. – £357.66 (annual sub for SALC, NALC & Area Committee/cheque no. 001286).   8. Mrs. J. Burgess – £60.00 (petty cash/cheque no. 001287).  9. Monkey Office – £55.34 (stationery/cheque no.001288).  Bank balance £9,133.00)
  9. ITEMS  NEXT AGENDA. None were advised.
  10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday May 11th in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.00 p.m. and will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting with the Annual Parish Meeting following at 8.00 p.m.   The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.