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 COMMENCING AT 7.30 p.m.



PRESENT:- Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. P. Kirton, Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mrs J. Rowley, Mrs J. Barnes, Mr. S. Harris, Mrs M. Wilkinson, Mr C. Lloyd  and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton (until 10.20 p.m.), Mrs. Alice Dilley (Principal Engineer Environmental Maintenance Shropshire Council) and Sergeant Richard Bailey (West Mercia Police Safer Neighbourhood Team)

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. During this period the question of the updating of the Parish Plan was discussed and a fundamental review would be instigated in 2016 to make it more of a working document for future years.  The benefits of the Parish Council’s future involvement in school activities were also discussed.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. G. Butler.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST.   None were declared at this stage.
  4. MINUTES OF THE  NOVEMBER MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mrs J. Barnes and seconded by Mrs J. Rowley.




The results of the recent 21 day statutory consultation by Shropshire Council as a result of the Parish Council’s request to raise the speed limit to 40 mph were discussed which seemed at variance to a private survey ‘doorstep’ carried out by a resident, although in line with the Parish Council’s questionnaire to the whole parish earlier in the year.

It was suggested that perhaps certain measures could be undertaken by residents such as gates at each end of the village painted white, trees planted and planters supplied but some concern was expressed re the safety and legality aspects of such work.

Sergeant Bailey confirmed that whilst he had been in attendance at Button Oak he had been unable to take any enforcement action over any speeding without further traffic calming measures being put in place.   However, he was able to confirm that if the limit was raised to 40 mph the criteria would be met to enable him to attend and carry out enforcement and this he would do at least once a week for certainly the next 12 months.

Discussion also took place regarding the provision of average speed cameras together with the probability of additional ancillary equipment being needed.   Whilst such a scheme had not been costed as yet, it was extremely likely that the costs would be prohibitive, if in fact such a scheme was suitable for Button Oak’s circumstances.

A ‘ball park figure’ for extra measures if the limit was raised to 40 mph was given by S.C. at possibly around £10,000.


  2.         HIGHWAY MATTERS.
  3. Button Oak Speeding. Following on the general discussion earlier in the evening and in view of the fact that our Standing Orders did not permit a resolution of the Council to be reversed within a 6 month period – if in fact this would be put forward as a possible course of action now during further discussion – it was proposed by Mr. D. Haywood, seconded by Mr. S. Harris and agreed by a majority vote (with one abstention) that this matter be left until our February meeting for further consideration when the 6 month period would have expired.

Mrs. Shineton would advise S.C. of this decision.

  1. Furness Mill. Remedial order issued to Ringway – S.C. awaiting formal response to this instruction, then an on-site meeting proposed.     Mr. Haywood would attend to the sign which was down at this point.
  2. V.A.S. sign at Button Oak. Still concern re the intermittent working of this sign and Mrs. Wilkinson would arrange for the vegetation near to the sign which maybe blocking visibility on occasions to be cut back.
  3. Hall Farm Leak.  There was still no response as to when the work would be carried out and the view was expressed that there may be a block culvert but also the patch in the centre of the road was sinking. Mrs. Shineton would progress an update.
  4. Overgrown hedges – Road Sign at end of Sturt Lane. Shropshire Council had reported that this matter had now been dealt. However, the road was very muddy and leaf strewn and Mrs. Shineton would arrange for a road clean to be undertaken.

She would also report the leaning telephone pole along this stretch by Spring Meadow.

It was also reported that the ‘Give Way’ sign approaching Kinlet Village Hall was obscured by ivy and Mr. Haywood/Mr. Horsfall would attend to this.

  1. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS. There were no updates to report.
  2. SCHOOL VISIT REPORT. Mr D. Dixon and Mrs J. Barnes had visited the school during the month and were impressed with what they saw.  They also joined the walking bus

which appeared to be working well, but it was felt that if some slabs could be laid behind the telephone box this would mean that the children would not have to walk along the side of the road.  Letters would be sent to the residents of Park Close to advise them of this proposal.

There was still a problem with dog fouling in and around the school which Mrs. Shineton would take up with S.C. in view of the lack of action on their part.

  1. Local Council Award Scheme/Web Site Hosting update.  The clerk had attended the transparency code training at Shirehall and obtained some CPD points towards the total of 12 which were required for this scheme.


It was disappointing that DHCNet,  our current provider, had not submitted their prices for the extra work required on the website to comply with the new transparency code and also the work required for the Local Council Award Scheme which probably meant that they were unable to undertake the extra work required.   The clerk and Mrs. J. Barnes would make further investigations with other companies.

  1. PARISH PLAN UPDATING.  At an initial meeting held recently it had been agreed that the Plan needed a complete overhaul to bring it up-to-date and it was proposed to invite local parishioners to join a working committee.
  2. NEW COPY FOR WEB SITE INCLUSION.    This was still being circulated.
  3. CONTINUATION OF NEWSLETTER NEXT YEAR UPDATE. There was no news in relation to this matter.
  4.         CORRESPONDENCE.
  5. Shropshire Council re planning refusal for application no. 15/00746/OUT for Mr and Mrs Dudley for outline permission for erection of 2 detached dwellings including garages and alterations to existing vehicular access at land east of Simmonds Barn, Button Oak.

2.Shropshire Council re planning permission for application no. 15/03558/FUL for Mr. C. Haywood for erection of a single storey rear extension  at Weavers Cottage, Button Oak.

3.Letter Mr. C. Sheahan re concerns of Borle Mill residents regarding traffic using Netherton Lane, Highley.  It was felt that ‘No HGV’ sign was required and Mrs. Shineton would obtain an update on the progress of this complaint.

4.N.A.L.C. Factsheet re Procurement of Audit for Smaller Authorities. It was proposed by Mr. Lloyd, seconded by Mr D. Haywood and agreed by all not to ‘opt out’ of this scheme.

5.Shropshire Council re Annual Review of Place Plans.  The clerk and Mrs J. Barnes would attend any discussions on this matter.

6.Shropshire Council re LJC Meeting on 12th January and Future Fit presentation – Members would attend if available.

7.KPNW re Smartwater Scheme.  As the Parish Council were not aware of all the implications of such a scheme more information would be requested.

  1. Copy correspondence had been received from Mr. Sheahan re problems relating to the heavy traffic using Netherton Lane, Highley.  He had taken this matter up with various agencies and Mrs. Shineton would ask for an update from S.C.
  2. Mr. J. Barnes re parish census he had undertaken.  One copy of the booklet for our parish would be obtained and information re this put in the newsletter.
  3. Big Conversation – agreed that survey was not applicable to parish council as it required individual information which could not be provided.

Circulated With Agenda.

Copy letter from Mr.  C. Sheahan

Circulated By E. Mail During Month.

S.C. Consultation on Highways Asset Management and Communications Strategy.

Shropshire Hate Crime Research Survey.

Parish Census

PCC Newsletters Shropshire Council – 21 day statutory consultation re Button Oak speeding results.

SamDev Briefing Note.

E Mail from D. McWilliam

SALC Bulletin

Big Conversation information plus survey.

To Be Circulated.

Local Council Review/CPRE – Countryside Voice and Field Work for Winter 2015

Circulation box from November.

  2. 15/04568/FUL for Mr. R. Oakley re application under Section 73a of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for use of land for the siting of a mobile catering trailer at Kinlet Village Hall, Kinlet was discussed and it was a majority decision to recommend approval with 2 abstentions – proposed by Mrs J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. S. Harris.

This matter was discussed and it was suggested that provision be made for website costs, remembrance garden for the church and parish plan update be included as well as the usual items.

  1. TRANSPARENCY CODE UPDATE AND FUND APPLICATION.  It was agreed that the clerk would submit an application for funding relating to costs to comply with the new Transparency Code when the necessary figures were to hand.
  2. ANNUAL STAFF APPRAISAL. It was agreed that this would take place at 7.00 p.m. on 11th January – the clerk, Mr P. Kirton and Mrs J. Barnes to attend.
  3. COUNTY COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS. There were no additional matters to be reported other than those already discussed earlier in the meeting.

It was agreed to make the following payments:-  1. Mrs. J. |Burgess – £240.00 (Oct. salary – cheque no. 001318).   2. Mrs. J. Burgess – £53.30 (Kinlet 14/11 and Shirehall 30/11 – cheque no. 001321.)   3. ITS Solutions – £78.00 (30/11 cheque no. 001322) 4. Mrs. J. Burgess – £50.00 (petty cash re-imbursement July to Dec. – cheque no. 001325)

12        ITEMS NEXT AGENDA.  None were raised.

  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday January 11th 2016          in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately 10.35 p.m.