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 COMMENCING AT 8.10 p.m.     



PRESENT:- Mr. D. Dixon (Chairman) Mr. P. Kirton, Mr D. Haywood, Mr P. Horsfall, Mr C. Lloyd, Mrs J. Rowley, Mrs J. Barnes  and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton from 8.00 p.m.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting there was a discussion with representatives from SALC and the Accreditation Panel re the Local Award Scheme.  The advantages and requirements for continuing our registration were discussed and literature handed out.

0.PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.  There were 2 members of the public present plus Sargeant Richard Bailey from West Mercia Safety Neighbourhood Team and discussion took place relating to speeding matters and Button Oak.  The Chairman advised that the Parish Council had made its recommendations to Shropshire Council for the limit to be returned to 40 mph and Shropshire Council were now dealing with this matter.  It was understood that there would be a statutory 21 day consultation as part of this process.

Discussion also took place with regard to speeding through Kinlet and the debris on the road after recent accidents.  The Police would look into both these matters.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Mrs. MJ. Wilkinson (other commitments – acceptable reason) and Mr. G. Butler.
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. None were declared.
  3. MINUTES OF THE AUGUST  MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mrs J. Barnes and seconded by Mr D Haywood.
  6. Furness Mill. Shropshire Council had advised that they were now in a position to progress the works to repair the embankment at Furnace Mill which would take place from 15th October for 7 days.  They were still talking to Worcestershire Council re repairing their section of the carriageway.
  7. Sign at Catsley Corner. Shropshire Council had advised that this sign had now been erected and a check would be made and whether its position was satisfactory.
  8. Overgrown Conifers B.4194.  Awaiting for leaf fall to progress this matter.
  9. Speeding through Button Oak. Now with Shropshire council to progress return to 40 mph speed limit

e          Covered Water Meter in Meaton Lane.  Now resolved.

  1. Damage to Button Bridge Bus Shelter. The contractor would be asked to carry out the necessary repairs at a cost of £240.00 – Proposed by Mrs J. Barnes, seconded by Mr. D. Dixon and agreed by all.  The clerk was progressing reimbursement from Western Power who were responsible for the damage.
  2. VAS Sign – Button Oak. Problems may still exist here possibly due to foliage blowing across the sign.  The Clerk would make enquiries with the adjoining landowners.
  3. Repairs/Closure Sturt Lane. Concern was expressed re proposed closure this week due to road closure at Furness Mill. Mrs. Shineton would take this matter up with Shropshire Council as a matter of urgency.
  4. Enforcement Matters. No updates had been received.
  5. School Parking Matters. Concern had been expressed re the handing over of the children in the afternoon and the closeness to the main road.  Councillors would visit the site during the month to view the situation themselves.
  6. Possible Provision of a Defibrillator to be Housed in an Adopted Telephone Box

After considering the various ramifications involved in such a scheme it was proposed by Mr. D. Haywood, seconded by Mrs. J. Barnes and agreed by all that this matter was not progressed.

  1. Vacancy on the Parish Council Update. The clerk advised that no applications had been received as yet with a closing date of the 2nd October.


  1.         CORRESPONDENCE.
  2. Register of Electors amendments.
  3. Invitation to project launch of Perry Riding for Disabled.
  4. Shropshire Council re Planning Permissions for 15/02697/FUL for Mr. P. Kirton for erection of 2 storey extension and lean-to extension at Fastings Farm, Button Bridge Lane. Kinlet and 14/02022/FUL for Mr. and Mrs. D. Dudley for erection of a dwelling and garage together with alteration to vehicular access


Future Fit Briefing Notes.

Further comments re Button Oak questionnaire.

E.Mails from Alice Dilley and A. Longdon.

TO BE CIRCULATED. (next month)

Clerks and Councils Direct/Local Councils Review.

  1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS.   There were none to hand.
  2. NEW STANDING ORDER RESOLUTION – ÔThat ParishionersÕ Time at thecommencement of a Parish Council meeting shall be restricted to 15 minutes overall and 3 mins. limit applied to each individual speaker on all topics they are raising.  The Chairman to have discretion on these timings if applicableÕ.  Proposed by Mr. P. Kirton, seconded by Mr. D. Haywood and agreed by a majority vote that this new resolution be adopted.
  3. PLANNING PERMISSION REQUIREMENT FOR ÔTHE CABINÕ, VILLAGE HALL CAR PARK. The Village Hall representatives would discuss this matter with the Village Hall Committee and the Council would be discuss this again next month.

Proposed by Mr. D Haywood, seconded by Mrs J. Barnes and agreed by all that as our initial registration expired early next year, we would re-register for application to the Foundation Award.    Mrs J. Barnes and Mrs J. Rowley were willing to assist in the preparation of our application. Contact would be made with our host provider to discuss the additional work required in relation to our web site

  1. STAFFING COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES. As the present representatives were no longer eligible Mr. P. Kirton and Mrs. Barnes would take over.

As there had been problems with the scanning of our current protection, this had been changed

to a new provider.  Enquiries would be made by the Clerk whether additional measures were required.

12        COUNTY COUNCILLORSÕ REPORTS.  Discussion took place in relation to the continuing problems and completely unsatisfactory service provided by DiamondÕs transport 2L service. Mrs. Shineton also talked about the shortage of staff being the cause of the problems at Ludlow Hospital, the recent Youth Partnership discussion with the police and the Empty Home Strategy.


It was agreed to make the following payments:- 1. Mrs. J. Burgess – £240.00 (salary/cheque no.001310)   2.  Mrs. J. Burgess – £10.40 (travelling expenses/cheque no. 001311)

  2. Overgrown hedges obstructing road signs.
  3. Position re newsletter for next year.
  4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday 12th October 2015          in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately 10.30 p.m.