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 COMMENCING AT 7.30 p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr. D. Dixon (Vice Chairman), Mr. P. Kirton, Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. C. Lloyd, Mrs. M. Wilkinson, Mrs. J. Barnes, Mr. K. Walton (from 8.10 p.m.) and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mr. G. Butler until 9.30 p.m.

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. There were 5 Parishioners present.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mr. A. Longdon (holiday – acceptable reason) and Mrs. M. Shineton.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. Mrs. M. Wilkinson declared a prejudicial interest in Item 6.1 and left the room when the matter was discussed.
  4. MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. P. Kirton.
  7. Furness Mill. Barriers and signs still in place, although the left barrier coming from Kingswood to Furness Mill is right on the edge of the dip – to be reported for attention.
  8. Sturt Lane. Work still required in places along this lane with flash flooding occurring on the bend past Spring Meadow – possible blocked drain.   Road was nearly impassable for cars after S.T.W. work by Little Meaton Farm/Silligrove  All to be taken up with Shropshire Council again. Agreed both Sturt Lane and Meaton Lane needed to be included in next financial years programme.
  9. Button Oak Speeding.   Whilst a reply had been received from West Mercia Police via Philip Dunne MP, it was not clear whether enforcement would be taken if the proposed draft scheme was implemented.  It would be ascertained how much enforcement had been undertaken when the speed limit was 40 mph.   There may also be the opportunity to discuss a volunteer-led anti-speeding scheme.   All to be discussed again when the Chairman would be at the meeting.
  10. Potholes at Severn Lodge Lane. Although road surface poor in places no immediate work required.  Anticipated that surface dressing would be included in the next financial yearÕs programme along here.
  11. Milestones. Photographs would be brought to next meeting to identify the outstanding one to be tidied around.
  12. Footpath To Old Colliery.  Shropshire Council were in contact with Kinlet Estate re solving this problem.
  13. The Woodlands Pothole.  Yellow paint fading but work not carried out – to be progressed again.


  1. Meaton Lane Resurfacing. There had been numerous problems while this work was being carried out re access to businesses and residents, attitude of officers on site and parking of plant on a private road.  All these matters had been addressed to the relative department and a reply had been received explaining what they had tried to do.  Whilst it was appreciated that working on lanes was difficult, it was hoped that lessons had been learnt for future work ion narrow lanes.  Problems at Little Meaton Farm/Silligrove to be reported.
  2. Other matters to be reported – 1. Flooding on the newly resurfaced B.4555 (Tiphouse to Highley) which is missing the drains.  2.Potholds on the B.4555 at Hillfield.  3. Crumpsend Farm – splay wrongly positioned.
  3. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS. No updates to be reported.
  4. THE KABIN – PARISH HALL CAR PARK. It was believed that planning permission was required for the building and use  – Mr. D. Haywood would advise the committee.

4          HEDGE TRIMMING.   Letters would be sent to the owners of the overgrown hedges which had been identified.

  1. AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Little Stocks Close.  Section 106 Planning agreement was nearing agreement, quotations had been received for provision of the land drainage to the school playing field, and an acceptable tender for building the development had been received. If all the legal work could be completed in time it was proposed to start on site in December 2014 with completion of the homes taking place in September 2015.   Housing Fairs would be held to encourage local people to register with Homepoint so that the homes could be allocated to local applicants.
  2. MEATON FARM SOLAR PANELS.  Shropshire Council had confirmed that at this stage comments were only required in relation to concerns over environmental impacts in the area which needed be taken into account in assessing the impacts of the proposed development.
  4. S.A.L.C. AGM 1st November – no one available to attend.
  5. Community Spaces Half Day Conference/Energise.  Mrs. J. Barnes may attend.
  6. Chris Wait and Associates re Kinlet Estate/Woodland Management Plan.   Details for a 10 year management plan the Forestry Commission had requested – no further comments.
  7. Shropshire Council Planning approval re 14/03642 for single storey garden room to rear of Upper House Cottage for Mr. J. Crate.
  8. Information from KNHW re crime prevention advice for heating oil tanks – it would be suggested that details were put in the Newsletter.
  9. Shropshire Council potholing scheme re ongoing programmes of planned road closures.
  10. W. Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner Survey – felt not applicable to Kinlet Parish Council.
  11. Resister of Electors amendments.


  1. Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia e.newsletter.
  2. Place Plan Annual Consultation.

11        Shropshire Council Planning Decision Briefing Note.


  1. CPRE Shropshire Voice/Local Council Review/Clerks and Councils Direct
  2. Need Savage Community Led Plan.
  3. Schools Sustainability in Shropshire.


  2. 14/04338/FUL for Mr. T Wilkinson for erection of 2 storey extension, elevation alterations including formation of bay window at The Cottage, Button Oak, Kinlet.  Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes, seconded by Mr. K. Walton and approved by all that this application be recommended for approval.

7          APPROVAL OF BUDGET – 1/7/2014 TO 30/9/2014.   Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood, seconded by Mr. K. Walton and approved by all that this be accepted.

  1. APPROVAL OF AMENDMENTS TO STANDING ORDERS.–  Sectons i.f/ 3.a.1 and 20. New pages issued to all.
  2. PARKING ISSUES AT SCHOOL.  It was agreed to support a request for yellow zig zag lines outside the school gates to try and alleviate some of the problems relating to drop off and pick up times.   It was felt that this would not solve all the problems and the matter would be discussed again next month.
  3. POSSIBILITY OF MIRROR AT CATSLEY CORNER. Shropshire Council had confirmed that the new signs for this junction were continually being chased and it was suggested that once these were in place the situation would be monitored for about 6 months before progressing the mirror request.   This was accepted.
  4. DETAILED AGENDA INFORMATION/LAYOUT. It was agreed that when appropriate more information would be given re the matter to be discussed.  Layout was acceptable.
  5. COUNTY COUNCILLORÕS REPORTS. Mr. Butler advised of some items which may be included for the Place Plan consultation in relation to the local infrastructure.  He advised that the University of Shropshire was now open under Chester University ÔumbrellaÕ

and also that the L.J.C. would be holding a planning meeting.  Hopefully they would get some funding for youth services.

The Budget was on target for the 3 year figure with a reduction in management levels taking place.


It was agreed to make the following payments:-  1.Mrs. J. Burgess – £10.40 (travelling expenses – cheque no. 0012490.   2. Mrs. J. Burgess – £235.00 – ( monthly salary – cheque no. 001250)  3.  I.T.S. Solutions – £132.00 (cheque no.001251).  4. Kinlet Village Hall – £78.00 (cheque no. 001252)

  2. Donation to Parish Hall re electrical work etc. to be carried out.
  3. School Parking.
  4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday 10th November 2014 in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately 9.35 p.m.