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 COMMENCING AT  7.40 p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr. A. Longdon, Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. C .Lloyd.  Mrs. M. Wilkinson, Mr. K. Walton, Mr. D. Dixon, Mr. P. Kirton (from 8.25 p.m.) and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton (from 8.30 p.m.)

7.00 p.m. to 7.35 p.m. Prior to the commencement of the Parish Council Meeting an open discussion took place with two members of West Mercia Police, Parish Councillors and Button Oak residents re the current situation relating to speeding through Button Oak.

It was agreed that Inspector Thomas would obtain from Shropshire Council exact details of the location of the proposed additional traffic calming measures when a consultation with residents would be discussed.

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. There were 7 members members of the public present for this part of the meeting when concerns were heard relating to Item 6.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mrs J. Barnes (illness – acceptable reason) and Mr. G. Butler.
  4. Mr. D. Haywood declared a personal interest in item 4.5 re possible provision of a footpath along side of school playing field.
  5. Mr. P. Kirton declared a personal interest in Item 6 and took no part in the voting on the matter.
  6. MINUTES OF THE  NOVEMBER MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mr. D. Haywood and seconded by Mr. D. Dixon.
  9. Furness Mill. No further news re this item.
  10. Hall Farm. Date still awaited for commencement of work here.
  11. Sturt Lane. Situation being monitored re road surface. Shropshire Council advise that a bid for funding for resurfacing of sections in new financial year has been made.
  12. Button Oak Speeding. Situation as above – awaiting exact details of proposed additional measures.
  13. Milestones and Footpath near to Old Colliery – Awaiting confirmation re these 2 outstanding matters.
  14. The Woodlands. Some confusion re exact location of problem – S.C. to contact

local councillor for accompanied inspection.

  1. Meaton Lane. Road now closed awaiting gully tanker to clear water and then potholes will be filled and road re-opened.
  2. Flooding on B.4555 (Tiphouse to Highley) and Crumpsend Farm – splay problems

Shropshire Council awaiting consultants comments after their recent inspections.

  1. Winnal Cottage.  ÔCraterÕ in road needs attention.
  2. Nortons End Bank. Needs inspection.
  3. Outside Old Forge Kinlet.  Road surface very poor – needs inspection.
  4. Drain cover Button Oak.  Repaired drain cover breaking down – just outside de-restriction sign Bewdley to Kinlet.
  5. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS. There were no updates to report.
  6. HEDGE TRIMMING. Not all hedges had been trimmed as requested – to be progressed
  7. KNHW CO-ORDINATORS MEETING. Mr. Walton reported on this meeting and the scheme seems to be operating satisfactorily. However, there had been a number of minor thefts and vandalism in the area which was disappointing.
  8. SCHOOL PARKING ISSUES. – Shropshire Council were contacting the Headmistress to discuss.  Possible provision of footpath from new development along side of the school playing field was discussed.  There was an existing footpath no. 013954/1. use of which may solve the problem.
  9.         CORRESPONDENCE.
  10. Cleobury Youth Partnership – Annual Accounts/Request for donation next year.


  1. Shropshire Women and ChildrenÕs Services News – Nov. 2014.
  2. S.A.L.C. Annual Report 2013-2014.

14/05063/OUT for Mrs. Christine Parry for proposed residential land south of  The Dingle, Button Bridge Lane, Button Bridge re outline permission for erection of 3 open market dwellings and 2 affordable dwellings and formation of vehicular access.

It was proposed by Mr. A. Longdon, seconded by Mr. K. Walton and unanimously agreed that

the Council could not agree with the application as there was not enough information and various points arose relating to Design Access and Planning Statement/Additional traffic which would be generated/Local drainage problems/Management plans for affordable houses/Sustainable development details/Need for such dwellings/Natural meadow land to be considered and all these concerns would be passed to Shropshire Council.

  1. PLACE PLAN CONSULTATION. The additions to this document were signed off by Mr. Longdon and Mrs. Shineton.
  2. UPDATE RE FUTURE OF 125 BUS SERVICE.  Whittles Coaches contract expired at the end of December and the route was out to tender – closing date 15th December.  More details to follow.
  3. CONSULTATION RE CONTINUING PROVISION OF PUBLIC PAYPHOINE NR. GOOSEMOOR CLOSE AND JUNC. B.4363.  As this box had not been used for 12 months it was agreed to support its removal.  Proposed by Mr. A. Longdon and seconded by Mr. D. Haywood and agreed by all.

At this point the problem of traffic wrongly turning left into Goosemoor Close due to confusing nearby road sign and a ÔNo EntryÕ sign was probably required.   Agreed to discuss again next month when councillors had had the opportunity to look at the situation.

  1. ANY ITEMS TO BE INCLUDED IN NEXT YEARÕS BUDGET. An additional sum would need to be included for the re-print of the inserts for the Welcome Pack at a cost of £68.00 plus Vat for reprinting the insert sheets plus an additional figure for photocopying – to be left with the clerk to progress.  Proposed by Mr. A. Longdon, seconded by Mr. K. Walton and agreed by all.
  2. COUNTY COUNCILLORSÕ REPORTS. Mrs. M. Shineton reported that there were ongoing discussions in all areas re Health matters.   The Local Joint Committee would have £3,000 next year for youth facilities.  Work at Furness Mill was now in the budget with agreement from Severn Trent re their pipeline at this point but there were still other matters to be sorted out.

It was agreed to make the following payments:-   1. Mrs. J. Burgess  £235.00  (salary – cheque no.  001254.)   2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. J. Burgess  £50.00 (Petty.Cash – cheque no. 001255).   3.  Mr. A. Longdon £28.18. (travelling expenses cheque no.001256)

  2. Sign at Goosemoor Close.
  3. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday January 12th 2015  in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately 9.25 p.m