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 COMMENCING AT  7.30 p.m.



PRESENT:-  Mr D. Dixon, Mr. D. Haywood, Mr. P. Horsfall, Mr. C. Lloyd, Mrs. J. Rowley, Mrs J. Barnes, Mr S. Harris and  Mrs. J. Burgess (Clerk).

Also in attendance Mrs. M. Shineton from 8.20 p.m.

  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. The question of the results of the 21 day statutory consultation carried by Shropshire Council was raised but as the Parish Council were not in possession of this information yet it was not possible for any discussion to take place.   The Parish Council were advised that a Freedom of Information request was being formulated.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from Mrs. M. Wilkinson (other commitments – acceptable reason) and Mr. G. Butler.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. None were declared.
  4. MINUTES OF THE  OCTOBER MEETING were taken as read, approved and signed.    Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. P. Horsfall.
  7. Furness Mill. The work carried out here was completely unsatisfactory and we were pressing for a site meeting with Highways Dept. to clarify the position – Mrs. J. Barnes would attend.
  8. Overgrown Conifers B.4194 – now with Mrs. M. Shineton.
  9. Button Oak Speeding. As the results of the 21 day statutory consultation would be to hand for the December meeting, it was agreed that there would be an open session during this meeting for discussion with all interested parties.  There would be representatives from Shropshire Highways and the Police to answer any technical questions.
  10. VAS Sign at Button Oak. Reports were still being received of unsatisfactory operation of this sign and another request for inspection would be made.
  11. Hall Farm. Ongoing matter with details still awaited of when the work would be carried out here.
  12. Overgrown hedges/Road Signs. There was a problem with the ‘Give Way’ sign at the end of Sturt Lane which would be reported.
  13. ENFORCEMENT MATTERS. There were no updates to report.
  14. SCHOOL VISIT.  Mr. D. Dixon and Mrs. J. Barnes would            be meeting with the Headmistress on the 19th November to discuss various matters.
  15. LOCAL COUNCIL AWARD SCHEME. The various items which would need to be included on our web site had been identified and we were awaiting notification from Mr. D. Harris re how much he was able to be involved and the costs of any such involvement.
  16. WEBB SITE HOSTING.  This matter had also been discussed with Mr. D. Harris whocurrently updated the site for us and it was thought that it would be possible for the general items which needed to be put on each month could be carried out ‘in house’ and further clarification was awaited on this matter.
  17. DOG FOULING IN SCHOOL LANE AND SCHOOL GROUNDS.  This matter would be discussed at the meeting with the school on the 19th November.
  18. COMPUTER ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION/TALK TALK. The provision of broadband to the parish council computer was supplied by Talk Talk but there did not appear to be any problems experienced as a result of the recent hacking into their site.  However, it was agreed that the current protection would be upgraded to a paid version at a cost of £40.00 for 2 years. Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. Lloyd.
  19. PARISH PLAN UPDATE. Initial meeting due to take place on the 16th November
  20. NEW COPY FOR WEB SITE INCLUSION. Mrs. Barnes had prepared some copy re how to contact the Parish Council for consideration and this was being circulated for approval.
  21. NEWSLETTER CONTINUATION NEXT YEAR. It was understood that there some interested parties with whom discussions would take place.
  22. ROADSIDE NOTICES. A notice had been inserted in the Newsletter re the positioning and removal of any such signs.  Details of any planning requirements would be clarified.
  24. Planning approval for 15/03581/FUL for Shropshire Council for erection of extension to provide visitor lobby, offices, staff room and w.c. at Kinlet C of E School, Kinlet.

2.SALC re training session on the Transparency Code Monday 30th Nov.  Mrs. J. Burgess and Mrs. J. Barnes would attend.

  1. Citizens Advice AGM 25th. November.
  2. Shropshire Council re closure of Sturt Lane 7/12 to 18/12 to connect UPT onto 400mm main and 3 service connections.

Circulated With Agenda.

Bank Reconciliation 1/4/2015 to 30/9/2015

Circulated By E. Mail During Month.

S.C. Consultation on Highways Asset Management and Communications Strategy.

Email from Philip Engleheart.

Information Bulletin 19/10

  1. Mercia PCC Newsletter.

Invitation re site visit Little Stocks Close 2nd/3rd Nov.

Latest Statement NHS Future Fit

S.C. re B.4199 road closure.

New Councillor Training – 25th November 2015 (Mr. S. Harris and Mrs. J. Rowley)

SALC Bulletin Nov. 2015.



To Be Circulated.

1.Clerks and Councils Direct.

2.Letter M. Green (Shropshire Defend our NHS) re Future Fit.

3.SALC Conference and AGM notes – 31st October 2015 which had been attended by the Clerk at which she collected her long service award for 32 years as parish clerk.

4.Draft copy for web site inclusion re contacting the parish council.

5.Charts re web site ‘hits’.

  2. 15/004237/FUL for Mr D. Beardsmore for installation of a Clearview ‘Solution 400’ Wood Burner to Garden Room at Winnal Long Barn, Winnal Court, Kinlet was unanimously recommended for approval.– Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. P. Kirton.
  3. 15/04497/FUL for Mrs. K. Workman for erection of a single storey side extension, rear extension to conservatory and change of exterior material of first floor rear extension from render to stained timber cladding at 1 Woodgate, Kinlet was also unanimously recommended for approval – Proposed by Mrs. J. Barnes and seconded by Mr. P. Kirton.
  4. 15/04445/AGR for Mrs. D. Childe re proposed formation of forestry and estate access tracks.  was for information only and details noted.
  5. Weavers Cottage Button Oak Planning Application 15.03558/FUL would be discussed at the Planning Meeting on the 1st December. Mrs. J. Barnes would attend to put forward the council’s reasons for recommending refusal.

It was proposed by Mrs. J. Rowley, seconded by Mr. P. Kirton and agreed by all that this be

approved as submitted.

  1. COUNTY COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS. Mrs. M. Shineton reported that the SamDev document had come back from inspection and was now available for comments and

the problems with the 2L bus service were ongoing.


It was agreed to make the following payments:-  1. T. Preece Timber Buildings – £240.00 (bus shelter repair – cheque no. 001315)  2. Mrs. J. Burgess – £240.00 (salary – cheque no. 001316).  3. Mrs. J. Burgess – £53.30 (travelling expenses/extra for visit to Shirehall for AGM – cheque no. 001317)

Current bank balance was £11,117.

  1. ITEMS NEXT AGENDA.   None were raised.
  2. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. This was arranged for Monday 14th December 2015 in the Parish Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m. with Public Participation time and the meeting closed at approximately  9.40 p.m.