Review of the Parish Plan

Opinion survey:  September/October 2019

Kinlet Parish Council is carrying out a review of the Parish Plan, and to help with this we are inviting parishioners to respond to an online opinion survey.

The original Parish Plan was launched in 2006.  This set out a profile of Kinlet parish with an action plan covering key areas of parish life and local activities, services and amenities.  The Parish Council led this, but also sought to engage volunteers and other existing groups in the local community.

The Parish Council has agreed that after more than a decade many things will have changed  –  hence this fresh opinion survey.  It is shaped around the same broad areas as the existing plan, but only as a starting point.  As well as asking some specific questions about active issues the local councils regularly deal with, we are keen to give the chance for people to comment freely, and to bring in other interests, concerns and ideas as they wish.  There is a space at the end of the survey if you feel there are other worthwhile topics that the questionnaire has not asked about.

The survey will remain open until 31 October 2019.  You can access it as follows:

  • via the link HERE
  • or, if your device has a QR code scanner, by scanning this code,

We hope as many people as possible will complete the survey online.  It is in a very user-friendly format and allows you to choose which questions you wish to answer or skip, and to respond briefly or at length as you like.  However, for those who would prefer a paper copy, this can be obtained from or by telephoning 01562 227449.

Please feel free to respond as an individual, or for your family or organisation as you wish.  You may choose to identify yourself (there is a space for this at the end) or to remain anonymous as you prefer.

Thank you for your time.