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Kinlet Parish Council Action Plan

Kinlet Parish Council constantly strives to work on behalf of parishioners on the issues that matter to the village.

We are always keen to receive ideas and suggestions from parishioners on particular areas of interest or concern and where it is felt the council may assist.

Listed below is our current schedule of activity; this will be regularly reviewed and updated as projects finish and priorities change.

The Council will:- 

  1. Maintain strict controls over expenditure to ensure that parishioners get value for their Council Tax payments.
  2. Encourage members of the public to attend Council meetings and bring issues of concern to the attention of Councillors.
  3. Monitor and respond to all planning applications received from Shropshire Council.
  4. Continue to liaise with and put pressure on Shropshire Council with regard to road safety issues highlighted by residents and members of the Parish Council.
  5. Provide grant aid to the Village Hall for community activity and to the local church.
  6. Continue to give small grants to local/national charities which provide assistance to local residents.
  7. Continue to support the local school and playgroup.
  8. Encourage Members to attend recognised training opportunities and support the Clerk in the provision of a professional service.
  9. Establish strong links with the police to ensure that there is a continued low level of crime in the parish
  10. Continue to support the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  11. Continue to ensure that regular reports of the Council’s activities are published on the web site and in the Kinlet Newsletter.
  12. Continue with the updating of the Parish Plan resulting from the recent questionnaire and analysis thereof with appropriate input into the Place and Local Plans.
  13. Continue to identify newcomers to the parish and distribute a ‘Welcome Pack’ which gives them information about the parish council, the local area and organisations.
  14. Representation at County and District meetings where appropriate.
  15. Invite all village organisations and groups to the annual Parish Meeting.
  16. Keep village message boards up to date.
  17. Ensure that the requirements of the Data Protection Regulations and new Accessibility Requirements are met and updated as appropriate and applicable

Approved June 2017
Re-Approved August 2018
Re-Approved August 2019
Up-Dated and Re-Approved Sept. 2020
Re- Approved quarterly 2021
Review March/June/Sept/Dec 2022