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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Neighbourhood Fund

Government has determined that a proportion of total Community Infrastructure Levy(CIL) monies should be provided directly to Town and Parish Councils as a Neighbourhood Fund and Kinlet qualifies for 15% of the appropriate monies (capped at maximum of £100 per council tax dwelling).

Any Neighbourhood Fund monies received must be used to support development by funding a) The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure, or  b) Anything else concerned with addressing the demands that development place on an area.

Any projects funded through use of the Neighbourhood Fund must be retained for community benefit for the infrastructure’s useful economic life.  The useful economic life of a project is taken to be 20 years, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Shropshire Council

Where projects are to be fully or partially funded by the Neighbourhood Fund it is the Town or Parish Council and not Shropshire Council that is responsible for all project management. Project management responsibilities can be transferred to another delivery party/project manager, but the Town or Parish Council is responsible for establishing this transfer of responsibilities. However, ultimately the Town or Parish Council remains responsible for ensuring the appropriate use of the Neighbourhood Fund in accordance with the National CIL Regulations.

As at 30/04/2021 Kinlet Parish Council has received £8,967.00 Neighbourhood Funding and at the present time has not identified a particular project to undertake with this money.

However, there will be further money forthcoming during the next financial year which will enable a wider selection of projects to be considered.