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Kinlet Parish Council Grievance Procedure


1.1 This procedure applies to all employees of Kinlet Parish Council (KPC).

1.2 The objectives of the procedure are: –

(i) To foster good relationships between KPC and its employees by discouraging the harbouring of grievances;

(ii) To settle grievances as near as possible to their point of origin;

(iii) To ensure KPC treats grievances seriously and resolves them as quickly as possible; and

(iv) To ensure that employees are treated transparently, fairly and consistently.

1.3 Matters excluded from this procedure are: –

(i) Appeals against salary or gradings;

(ii) Appeals against disciplinary actions;

(iii) Income tax, national insurance matters, rates of pay collectively agreed at the national or local level;

(iv) Rules of pension schemes; and

(v) A grievance about a matter over which KPC has no control.


In the interests of maintaining good working relations the employee is encouraged to first discuss any grievance with the KPC’s Chairman with a view to resolving the matter informally.  If the employee feels that this is not appropriate or he or she wishes to pursue a formal grievance they should follow the procedure detailed below.


3.1 The employee must set out his/her grievance in writing (“Statement of Grievance”) and forward the Statement to the Chairman.

3.2 Once KPC has had a reasonable opportunity to consider its response to the information provided in the Statement of Grievance the employee will be invited to attend a grievance meeting to discuss the matter.

(i) The employee must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting.

(ii) Grievance meetings will normally be convened within 14 days of KPC receiving the Statement of Grievance.

(iii) The employee has the right to be accompanied to a grievance meeting by a companion or by a Trade Union representative.

3.3 A grievance meeting may be adjourned to allow matters raised during the course of the meeting to be investigated, or to afford the employee or KPC time to consider the decision.

3.4 After the meeting the employee will be informed of the KPC’s decision within 5 working days – the meeting may be reconvened for this purpose. KPC’s decision will be confirmed to the employee in writing.


4.1 Grievances raised to the Chairman, under KPC’s grievance procedure, will normally be
investigated, and any meetings to discuss the grievance will be conducted by full ie
quorate, Council. The meeting to discuss the grievance will not be a public meeting.

4.2 A copy of the Statement of Grievance, a note of the decision taken by the KPC
and evidence taken or compiled during the course of the procedure will be maintained in the KPC’s
own files. This written record will at all times be available to the employee.

Reviewed Oct. 2021
Review Oct. 2022