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Kinlet Parish Council Community Engagement Strategy

As representatives of the community the Parish Council wants to improve the quality and range of local services in the Parish. We are, therefore, committed to becoming actively involved in all parts of our community by working closely with voluntary and community groups so that we can identify their needs. We will do this by working in partnership with our local authority and other agencies.

Kinlet Parish Council is committed to engaging residents by encouraging them to become actively involved in decisions that affect them and the community and to facilitate the delivery of better services by creating a more active and informed community.

The Parish Council aims to achieve this by using the following strategies.


• Making information available on what decisions are being considered and how residents can give their opinions. Agendas of the meetings are posted on the notice boards and on the website. Monthly minutes are published on our website, lodged with 2 local libraries and a resume included in the monthly Kinlet Newsletter.

• Monthly Parish Council meetings are open to members of the press and public and a time is set aside at the commencement of the meeting for residents to make comments or to ask questions.

• The web site includes a comprehensive summary of the facilities and organisations available within the area.


• The Annual Parish Meeting is used for obtaining the views of residents on matters affecting the community.

• Notice of the Annual Parish Meeting is posted on the notice boards, on the website and in the newsletter.

• Residents may also submit items which they wish to be raised at a Council meeting, or give their view on a particular topic to the Clerk or any council member.

• Details of how to contact the Clerk and Members of the Council are displayed on the notice boards, on the website and in the Newsletter.

• Where assistance has been requested the Parish Council will, where appropriate, ensure that residents are referred to the correct department of Shropshire Council or other relevant authority organisation. Our website includes a link to Shropshire Council web site.

• When dealing with other authorities or organisations regarding issues affecting the community, the Parish Council will ensure that the opinions of the members of the community are made known.

• The Council aims to be proactive in getting information to, and obtaining the opinions of, all sections of the community – especially the hard to reach groups such as the elderly and the housebound.


• Where information affects a specific section of the community, the Council will ensure that the information is delivered directly to the village organisation representing that section e.g. the over 60’s, mothers and toddlers, teenagers, youths and school children.

• Consultations and surveys will be carried out where appropriate and the results made available.

• Copies of the updated Parish Plan are available to everyone in the parish and members of the community will be encouraged to become actively involved in addressing the issues which have been highlighted in the Plan

• The Parish Council will participate in community activities and events and councillors are involved in various activities around the Parish i.e. Bridge Club, Village Hall Managements and Events, Women’s Institute, Countryside Group, Church and Charity Events which enables the community to become more aware of who we are and what we do.


Updated and Approved March 2015.|
Updated and re-approved June 2017
Re-Approved August 2018.
Re-Approved August 2019
Re-Approved August 2020.
Re-Approved August 2021
Review August 2022